What we offer

  • Advice to members on scheme initiated payment contracts
  • Discussions with funders on mutually acceptable DSP Agreements
  • Participation in the Discovery Governance project
  • Utilization review of practices, which includes efficiency reviews (profiling)
  • Protocol and clinical guideline development, where requested. Liaison with SAPA on matters of mutual interest
  • Healthcare market research and presentation of lectures
  • Coding issues, especially disputes with administrators and schemes. Fee and impact studies used for annual fee negotiations
  • Design and implementation of new codes according to CPT guidelines
  • Coding workshops at congresses. Online and hard copy coding guidelines distributed to members
  • Assistance with forensic audits when requested by members
  • Assistance with HPCSA complaints when requested by members
  • Membership of SAPPF (South African Private Practice Forum) – which represents 2500 specialists in Regulatory and Legal issues

  • Data collection through Medikredit, Medscheme and Healthbridge.
  • Practice management issues - dealing with problems with medical schemes
  • Guidance on compliance issues in your practice e.g.Basic conditions on Employment and consumer protection act
  • Establish alliances in healthcare with other specialist groupings (e.g. ENT, Obstetricians)

Information Technology
  • Practice management programmes - preferential contract with DHS (Med-E-Mass)
  • Electronic Communications - SMS and E-mail
  • Data warehousing - in excess of R800 million claims data available
  • Electronic Claims Profile available on line
  • Online CPD (Journals and reviews)

  • Finance packages with preferred Bankers
  • Group insurance products through Prosper Financial Services
  • Group retirement funding through Prosper Financial Services
  • Healthcare consulting to 3rd parties - MHS, Access Health

  • Local evening CMES in major centres and targeted Saturday workshops
  • Annual Group Congresses that offer academic, business and social content
  • CPD point warehousing via MyCPD
  • Promotion of a uniform immunization schedule via PVAC
  • Access to Vermont Oxford Network Neonatal ICU Database for participating NICUs

What we offer