Become a member

Prospective Members wishing to join the Paediatric Management Group Ltd apply to subscribe for 1 (one) share in the Company.

The Articles of Association of the Company are available for inspection. Call Peet Kotze on 011 340 9000 during normal working hours to obtain a copy, or e-mail

Membership type
  • Academic: This fee is for Paediatricians employed full time in the state sector with no private work. An exception is the state employed Paediatrician whose private sector work is limited to consulting without admissions to hospital. This exception will apply as long as this practice remains a consulting practice only. An Academic PMG member who joins full time Private Practice will qualify for the first year private practice rate for the first 12 months of practice.
  • Private: This fee applies to any member who is in private practice. There is no membership category for limited private practice except for the exception explained under Academic membership. If a doctor doing private work of any degree, chooses to be a member of PMG but does not sign up to the Paediatric Governance Project with Discovery Health, that doctor still pays full membership fees.
  • First year private practice means the first twelve months of Paediatric private practice. Doctors who have been in private practice but only joining PMG for the first time are not included in this category.
  • There is no Group practice rate. All members of group practices or associations must be individual members in their own right to enjoy the benefits of PMG membership.

Application Forms

Click here to download the 2019 Application Form in PDF.
Click here to download the 2019 Service Letter in PDF.